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1st Lesson : Priority in a turn.

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1 1st Lesson : Priority in a turn. on Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:28 pm

Hello to all the purple dorm.
I am your teacher and I'll make sure to train you in the best I can for you to play.

The first lesson will focus on the priority during a turn.

I don't think I need to explain the different phases of a turn suddenly we start.

During the early phases covered by each of your priority you, for example to activate a card or summon a monster. You lose this priority after an action (Ex: Summon a monster, your opponent can activate a card in response). However if your opponent declares nothing resume your priority and you can again do an action, but you will lose again the priority and so on.
Your opponent gets priority during your turn when you change phase (Ex: End of M1, my opponent can activate a card, so it is not willing to change phase After resolving the issue rests, if both players agree to change phase you spend in BP).
He can also get priority in case you don't take action, but for that he would have to ask you and it would be really stupid.

There are some cards that can make you spend your priority, often monsters, where it is marked that their invocations can't be canceled and nothing can be activated.

I think that's pretty much all there was to know about them priority during a turn.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

I will add at the end of each of my lessons a little test to see if everything is well understood. Send me the response by private posts. I ask you to help you do that you know.

1 / How can I lose priority during a turn ?

2 / At what times my opponent he has priority during a turn ?

3 / Give me the names of two cards that prevent priority.

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