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Basic deck rules part 2 Lesson 1,Pend.

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1 Basic deck rules part 2 Lesson 1,Pend. on Thu Aug 06, 2015 9:05 pm


Deadly Green Teacher
To students who posted the answers on the post I made, make sure to PM this times so anyone who fails simply fails, this time though it was 100 and 5 to all who did do it. But further reply instead of PM will be a grade decrease.

Today we cover Pend.

Like Normal and Effect Monsters, Pendulum Monsters can be Normal Summoned/Set, or be Special Summoned by other card effects. While not in a Pendulum Zone, it is treated as a Monster Card and its Monster Effect is active, but its Pendulum Effect is not.

While in the Pendulum Zone, it is treated as a Spell Card and not as a monster until it leaves the Pendulum Zone. After resolving, it will remain face-up as a Spell, and will continue to apply its Pendulum Effects, if any (its Monster Effects are not applied when it is a Spell). These effects are treated as Spell Effects. A Pendulum Monster cannot be Set in the Pendulum Zone. Although a Pendulum Monster is treated as a Spell Card at this time, it is not considered either a Normal, Continuous, Field, Equip, Quick-Play, or Ritual Spell Card. Unlike a Field Spell Card, you cannot place a new Pendulum Monster over an existing one in the Pendulum Zone and send the previous Pendulum Monster to the Graveyard by game mechanics. As long as there are open Pendulum Zones, there is no limit to the number of times a Pendulum Monster can be activated from the hand per turn.

Once per turn, during the Main Phase, while there are Pendulum Monsters in both Pendulum Zones, the turn player can perform a Pendulum Summon, using the Pendulum Monsters' Pendulum Scales to determine the Levels of the monsters that can be Summoned.

When a Pendulum Monster (even if it is face-down) would be sent from the field to the Graveyard, either as a Monster Card or Spell Card, it is placed face-up in the Extra Deck Zone instead. (Pendulum Monsters can cause the total size of the Extra Deck to be larger than would be allowed during Deck building.) If a Pendulum Monster is sent from the hand, Main Deck, or Extra Deck to the Graveyard; has its activation as a Spell Card or Summon negated; or is detached, it is sent to the Graveyard like normal (as it was not on the field at the time). If a card like "Macro Cosmos" or "Grave Protector" is applying, this will override the Pendulum Monster's ability to return to the Extra Deck. A Pendulum Monster in the Extra Deck Zone can be Summoned again by Pendulum Summon, as long as its Level is within the Scales.

This is all for today

Test! Test!! Test!!!

1) Name ( with source use ) 3 Pend cards and give me a deck they could be used in
2) Research Kama deck and and tell me the Pend monster that works with the deck and the Pend monsters themselves with 1 eff from both
3) Give me 2 features of a Pend
4) What happens to a destroyed Pend card?

Extra credit!!!> Tell me a common Pend and Pend monster and a card that is good to cease Pend<

Next when i post will be different decks and mechanics of them so study all common and ones you come across!

This test is do in my Pm by...8-10-15

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2 Re: Basic deck rules part 2 Lesson 1,Pend. on Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:25 pm

1) Qliphort Carrier, Qliphort Helix, Qliphort Disk. Qliphort deck of course.
2) Mayosenju Daibak works with the Kama deck because when any yosenju or kama monster, i should say, attacks, the monster gets a 300 atk boost until the end of the battle phase, 300 atk could make a difference. More pendulum monsters would be Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Yosenju Sinchu R, and Yosenju Sinchu L. You can get Odd-Eyes out from the pendulum summoning it through both Y. S. L and R. When odd-eyes battles an opponent's monster, the opponent takes x2 the damage.
3) 2 features of a Pendulum monster are that it has 2 different abilities and it can be a spell as well as a monster, containing it's own space.
4) When a Pend. card is destroyed it is sent to the Extra Deck

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3 True but.. on Fri Aug 07, 2015 10:28 pm


Deadly Green Teacher
Very true, but i will have to take a few points because it says to PM me

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