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teacher application

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1 teacher application on Fri Sep 04, 2015 11:07 pm

Knight of the beginning

Knight of the beginning
Destructive Yellow teacher
Destructive Yellow teacher
after being a tester for so long, i decided to rise Smile here is my, what is it exam?

If you wish to be a Teacher please reply with the following things
1.) Why you wish to be a Teacher
2.) Why you think you are suitable
3.) How active you will be
4.) What you think the role of a Teacher is
5.) If a person applies for teacher they will have to do a mock lesson.

1.) I have seen a lot of people on here and online who mess up a ruling or dont know a whole little rule, so i would like to help them. and the the current teachers dont post enough

2. I think I am suitable for this position because my experience with the game, and i'm a freindly person. and who doesnt like that freindly teacher?

3. i will be on almost everyday. I'll give a week advance if i will leave for more then 4 days

4. the role of a teacher is to effectivly teach people about the subject they are teaching about. to have a type of bond with the students to the point they like oyur lessons and it doesnt seem like a lecture.

5. i'm assuming i'm giving the mock lesson. if i make it, can this be my 1st actual lesson as well? asking in advance Smile

Hey students! today, we are going to talk about the effect negations of cards! there are multiple ways to negate cards, and there are limits to what some cards can negate! sooooo lets get started Razz !

1st of all, you have the negation of monsters on the field, you do this by using cards like effect veiler and breakthrough skill. we'll throw in spell and trap negation's here as well. trap stun and cards like that do the trick there. when using a card that negates and doesnt state the graveyard, the card(s) you are negating the effect of will still be able to use the effect they use in the graveyard (if they have one) this includes cards as hysteric sign, almost any burning abyss monster, and psyframe overlaad.

Now, as you probably figured out my colorful students, that you CAN negate the effects of cards that activate in the grave. these are usually a little tricky, but it's fun! keep in mind that if you negate a monster in the graveyard, if they go directly to the field from the grave and they have an effect they can activate right there and you dont have aback up, then they will be able to use that effect. it's very uncommon t negate a grave spell/trap effect, but cards that negate monster effects are soul drain and forbidden graveyard.

There is some confusion going around on this but let me make this clear. destroying a card, isnt the same as negating it. if your opponet activates pot of greed and you activate mystical space typhoon in response, you CAN target pot of greed to destroy, but they will still be able to draw 2 cards. so, to put it simply, cards that JUST destroy dont negate. HOWEVER, they can stop continuous effects from continuing. let's use swords of revealing light. it has 2 effect. to flip your opponets monsters, and to keep your opponet from attacking. if you were to activate MST to swords activation, the effect to flip the opponets monster would still take effect, however, the continuous effect to stop the opponets attack would never happen.

you can also NEGATE a summon. with cards like black horn of heaven and solemn warning. monsters who's summons are negated dont ever get their field effs. even ones that state they can't be destroyed by card effects or effects that activate upon their summon. however, using a card that doesnt negate a summon, like i've spoken about, will give the monster their field effect. using bottomless trap hole will not negate a summon effect.

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2 Re: teacher application on Fri Sep 04, 2015 11:12 pm

Knight of the beginning

Knight of the beginning
Destructive Yellow teacher
Destructive Yellow teacher
(i didnt finish my mock lesson cuz if there is a character limit in there, i was sure to find it)

There are also cards that negate effects that activate in the hand. this is the least used type of negation, but is effective. this stops those pesky battle faders. cards that negate hand effects are mind drain and tyrant's tyrade

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3 Re: teacher application on Sat Sep 05, 2015 3:17 pm

Approved Bud, But you have to wait for the other admins opinions

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4 Re: teacher application on Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:26 pm

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5 Re: teacher application on Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:37 pm


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