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fluttershy.392 test results

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1 fluttershy.392 test results on Sun Sep 06, 2015 11:24 pm

Tester Name: lucas5433
Applicant Name: fluttershy.392

Tester Deck:constellar
Applicant Deck: gusto

Deck Comonness: 5/5 : Deck Commonness is the cards being used very common or are they uncommon (more uncommon higher the score)
never seen them

Attitude 5/5 : How the duelist acts during the duel; are they calm? Do they swear? How does they act towards other duelists
great attitude throughout

Card Usage 20/25: How did the duelist use their cards? Did they play them effectively? Did they use any combos on you? How did they allow one move to set up for the next?
for the most part great, but relied on one strat throughout

Deck Consistency: 9/10: Did they just have a bad draw or was their deck no constructed correctly? Did their deck consists of cards that would benefit their strategy?
sometimes down to one card and couldnt draw a good card to help

Knowledge: 8/10: Did the duelist understand how the effects of their cards worked? Did the duelist make any misplays involving effects? (Each misplay or ruling issue is a -2)
messed up the difference between gusto and daigusto, cause lp loss

Control of the Duel: 12/15: Did the duelist control the duel? Did they prepare for the worst? Did they cause the other player to stop and think about their moves? Were they ahead?
fudged me over when they pulled light-imprisoning mirror

Result Of Match: 20/20 The test will consists of two single duels with siding. +10 For Each Win
great strats that gave them both wins

Overall Performance: 25/30 How did the duelist do overall throughout both matches
as i said, didnt understand thew difference in some of their cards
Result : 104
welcome to the purple dorm

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2 Re: fluttershy.392 test results on Sun Sep 06, 2015 11:30 pm

shiz i saw a typo

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3 Re: fluttershy.392 test results on Sun Sep 06, 2015 11:41 pm

{Deadly Sin} Wrath

Chaotic Purple Teacher
Good job, you are now one of my teammates flutter!

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