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Enderdude17 as Tester. Won't even abuse power!

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1 Enderdude17 as Tester. Won't even abuse power! on Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:45 am

1.) Why you wish to be a Tester: I want to be a tester because I believe I have a solid knowledge of the game, as well as a drive to participate in this community as a staff member, and in general. It'll allow me to have a ton of fun duels and help integrate new members into the academy with a good attitude.
2.) Why you think you are suitable
As I said, I think I have a good knowledge of the game, a bright personality, and excellent judgement.
3.) How active you will be
I will be quite active, despite work and work and work, but I'll be on multiple times a week.
4.) What you think the role of a Tester is
To fairly and impartially judge and rank newcomers into the Academy and put them into the place where their skills are most suited for the Academy as a whole and their personal growth, and making the correct calls .
5.) What each of the sections of the Testing Rubric means
Aside from the obligatory names of everything, deck common-ness, in my view is all about originality of the deck type as a whole. Using a specific card will not sway the score, but using the most meta of meta will lower it. It's all about originality of the entire deck, and if a deck is particularly meta, in this format or previous ones. Attitude is all about, well, a person's ability to have good sportsmanship and be fun to play with, regardless of their victory, defeat, rule trouble, friction between duelists, etc. It's all about sportsmanship and a good environment. Card usage is not only using the right cards in the right scenarios, but in the right order to optimize their plays. It also shows a presence of mind into the game and its flow, while also showing an ability to think ahead and string moves together. Deck consistency is hard to judge, but after both games I'll look at my players deck list and judge it with my own standards. It's always tough to judge harshly off of a truly bad hand, but deck consistency and speed is crucial to the game, and is an important factor in competence. All the best cards in the world can get you nowere unless you know how to use them. The ins and outs and intricacies of the game are tough to navigate at times, I often make mistakes. But an inherent and learned knowledge of the game is important for players. A simple thing to grade, but important and subtle in cues to raise or lower the score. Duel control is variable, since a good and bad hand can alter that, but using what they can to dominate the field is impressive, and knowing just when to use a card to screw the opponent is rare, as some people can use them far too early. If I see any decent-palpable attempts to wall me out, brick me, control my play style, they'll be scored well, and a 10 will be rare unless I'm totally shut down. Result of the singles are straightforward. The Overall performance I'll probably compile from the results, and a small section of points, a percentage, from each category before it, to add up to 30 points. Other wise It gets too arbitrary. And if I feel like a duelist has potential, that score will be curved for them by me.
6.) From now on when a person Applies for tester they will have to go through a mock battle. A mock battle is were a person tests a Tester/Mod/Admin as if they were testers and we were students.

I'm game

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Verified. Welcome to the team.

Bankai! Tensa Zangetsu Mugetsu

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