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Anivia's test scores.

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1 Anivia's test scores. on Fri Sep 11, 2015 10:48 pm

{Deadly Sin} Wrath

{Deadly Sin} Wrath
Chaotic Purple Teacher
Tester Name:Chrono(TheChaosKnight)
Applicant Name:Anivia(Aniva)

Tester Deck:Blackwings
Applicant Deck:Ice Counters.

Deck Comonness: 3/5 : I hav seen some of the cards before but not all of them which is a good thing.

Attitude 5/5 : The duelist showed good composure and good respect.

Card Usage 10/25: She didn't have any counters but duelist has made the mistake on Blizzard Thunderbird effect. You used it's effect but never returned it to hand.

Deck Consistency: 7/10: Deck was constructed very well but I felt your backrow wasn't all that it was cracked up to be.

Knowledge: 4/10: She has made a mistake on blizzard thunderbird's effect as listed up top.

Control of the Duel: 5/15: She failed to deal any damage to me in the first duel but she has been able to deal a lot to me in the second. But she attacked with her monsters regardless on my traps.

Result Of Match: 0/20 Duelist failed to win any battles.

Overall Performance: 10/30 You didn't do all that ell but you can improve in the future.

Result : 44

Welcome to Destructive Yellow, you are slice's new student!

Destructive Yellow: 0 - 75

Deadly Green: 76- 100

Chaotic Purple: 101- 120

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