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3rd Lesson: Hybrids.

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1 3rd Lesson: Hybrids. on Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:48 pm

{Deadly Sin} Wrath

Chaotic Purple Teacher
Hello kids, some of you might be wondering"who are you" "what are those" well I am the new Chaotic Purple Teacher as said in my earlier announcement. Anyway, im here to not continue off of Lunatix because I felt his lessons should be something every chaotic purple should know.
To start things off witness this.
Pretend that I have heroic thousand blades and entermage damage juggler together in a deck.
The reason why I am talking to you about these cards is because they form something I would like to call a pseudo-hybrid deck. This deck is called clownblade. It is very popular among some duelists because of the way it swarms the field but no no no. This is not a real hybrid deck. A real hybrid deck involves two random archetypes and mash them together.

Boom! Here are two new cards. Prediction Princess Tarotrei and Ghostrick Alucard. Most of you students should recognize these cards' archetype. Prediction Princess and Ghostricks. This is a hybrid has invented and some of you might be thinking"Teacher uses archetype called prediction princess, ha G-" Anyway you get the point, so what if the archetype sound girly, when combined with ghostricks I think not. You see the reason why I combined both of these archetypes together is because Ghostricks focus on protecting defense monsters and attacking directly. Prediction Princess focuses on flip monsters and in defense position so Ghostricks provide protection for this archetype. Reason why I showed you tarotrei is because one of it effects turn a monster face-down. I also showed you ghostrick alucard because one of it's effect destroys set cards. Now imagine you use Tarotrei effect on a card like Blackwing Armor Master that can't be be destroyed by battle and turn it flip down. Then, use Ghostrick Alucard card's effect on it to destroy it, BOOM, blackwing armor master gone.

Now I will start by explaining the advantages of hybrid decks. Hybrid decks cover more ground and protection for archetypes. Im not saying that every single deck in the game can be turned into a hybrid because some decks are better left alone. Hybrids are to provide the support one archetype can't provide for itself. Like Aqua actresses, they only have 3 monsters and no extra. Aquactress Tetra's eff says "Once per turn: You can add 1 "Aquarium" card from your Deck to your hand." Sure it can add a free card but its ATK and Def is only 300 so it would be a waste summoning it and seeing it be destroyed. The next card is Aquactress Guppy and her effect says "Once per turn you can special summon 1 Aquaactress monster from your hand." Sure, she can special summon a card but at the risk of her being in atk position with 600 ATK. Now a card you can make great use of with the swarming ability of aquactres guppy and continous spell protection would be Mobius. The reason for Mobius is because his effect would always be activated because you would be tributing a water monster. Mobius the Frost Monarch would also be protected by Aquarium Stage because Water Attributed monsters cannot be destroyed by non-water monsters. That is the advantage of having a hybrid deck. They give off good support. Advanced hybrid decks have more then 2 archetypes together but that would be another time.

Question 1: What other archetypes can provide advantages for the weakness of the second Archetype?
Question 2: Why would that archetype provide advantage for the other?

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