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Which Lv12 Synchro do you think is strongest and why?

Which Lv12 Synchro is best?

17% 17% [ 1 ]
67% 67% [ 4 ]
16% 16% [ 1 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 6

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There are currently 3 Lv12 Synchro Monsters in Yugioh, or 5 if you count the two in OCG. I was wondering which one you guys think is best:

  • Red Nova Dragon

  • Shooting Quasar Dragon

  • T.G. Halberd Cannon

  • (OCG) Stardust Sifir Spark Dragon

  • (OCG) Hot Red Dragon Archfiend King Calamity

I'd like to hear your guys' opinions on this, it is a debate after all!

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Knight of the beginning

Knight of the beginning
Destructive Yellow teacher
Destructive Yellow teacher
quasar. can attack multiple times, can negate stuff. has 4000 atk and can summon a monster from the extra deck when it says bye bye. did I mention the 4000 atk and can attack multiple times?

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Quasar obv

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Well I picked Nova one main reason if ofc its easier to get out. Red dragon archfiend 2 lvl 2 tuners=red nova. But then I wanna consider the matchup between Red Nova and Quasar. Which really then Quasar can do a thing. Red Nova gains 500 atk for every tuner monster in grave, cannot be destroyed by opponent eff and when a monster is attacking you can banish red nova, stop the attack and it comes back later. And really all of them are continous except the banishing one. So since Red Nova will have overall more power in the end If in any matchup against Quasar, He wont have to negate any attacks. And from the second its summoned red nova will have 5000 atk anyways seeing that u need 1 for red dragon archfiend and 2 for red nova. So really Red Nova makes Quasar useless if they were in a match up. Red Nova attacks and its gone so it doesn't matter. And also even though Quasar can negate any eff once per turn, if you don't negate the right one on the turn then something else can come and basically nuke Quasar and say you're done. Unlike Red Nova, Immune to anything that can destroy it basically, Can't be overpowered by atk and be destroyed by eff. So basically you can treat it as another Beelze.

Dang a real long post :/

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Halberd Cannon Due to the fact that it can NEGATE any summon once per turn so no need to even worry about the other 12 synchros

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worthless unless u get it out first

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Funny thing is you can get it out just as easily as other ones so before you contradict it has the same requirements as quasar Razz

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But then again if people summon it late Quasar Early game, most of their resources will be used and seeing how diverse Yu-Gi-Oh is they can just try and get you to waste your negate and then just bring out a boss monster and nuke it. Also its preyy much vulnerable to anything -cough- raigeki -cough-

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Funny thing is they all are vunerable to something, Quasar effect is ONCE per turn so that's not a life saver AND simple cards like Kaiju, Volcanic Queen, or Lava Golem can fuck em over bad so theres no ALL MIGHTY ONE Razz. But btw if Raigeki does destroy it then you get to special summon a TG from your grave starting the cycle all over again.... same would go for Quasar and Shooting... Unlike Nova XD

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Imo quasar is the strongest kind of. Sifr is better in different decks because it makes your field less fragile but wont win a game by itself how quasar can. Also Calamity Can make a good game push when summoned before battle phase.

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