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Tester Application

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1 Tester Application on Mon Oct 05, 2015 7:28 pm

1. Why do you wish to be a tester?

  • I wish to be a tester because a lot of the times, when a set of new recruits are brought in mass, a lot of the moderators have to step in to help. This includes the time before a tournament that I brought in 3 recruits at once. I want to increase our tester numbers so that never has to happen. Also, I think that it would be an experience that will better myself, including my skill as a duelist, and my responsibility as a person.

2. Why do you think you are suitable enough to be a tester?

  • I've had a lot of friends in school who have asked during their lunch tournaments what the ruling for certain cards are, and I've always been able to help. I've also participated in a couple local tourneys where I've been able to settle a ruling with my opponent before we had to call a Judge over to the table.

3. How active will you be at the academy?

  • I try to be on at least once a day, but I can't always make because of school and/or band stuff. Most of the time, I'll be on 4-8 EST, but sometimes I'll be online during school hours.

4. In your own words, describe the role of the tester:

  • The role of a tester, to me, is to show new recruits, not only what it takes to be in the academy, but to show them how they can improve in certain areas. The tester is kind of like a teacher to testee, showing them how they can improve on their decks and how they can learn from their mistakes.

5. What do each of the sections in the testing rubric mean to you?

  • Disallowed Decks: This basically shows what decks are not allowed to be used in the testing match (if the applicant uses any of these decks, they are given an automatic score of 0, and placed in Destructive Yellow Dorm. (Make sure to give the link to the testing rubric to make sure they understand this fact.))

  • Tester Name & Applicant Name: The usernames of the Tester and Applicant respectively.

  • Tester Deck & Applicant Deck: The archetype of deck used by both the Tester and the Applicant respectively.

  • Deck Commonness: How widely used the deck is. For example, if somebody used a Nekroz/Shaddoll deck, I'd give it a 1. If the applicant used a deck like Ice Barriers, I'd give them a 4 or 5, because you just don't see Ice Barriers used anymore.

  • Attitude: Is the applicant a positive duelist, meaning that they always treat others with respect during the duel. Or are they mean and disrespectful during the duel, meaning that they accuse the tester of cheating, cursing madly at them, or being a jackass in general. (I do not include playful swearing in this category, i.e. "Damn, you got me XD")

  • Card Usage: Did the applicant use combos to put you into a corner? Did they have an adequate response to the tester's plays? Did they use the appropriate cards at the appropriate times?

  • Deck Consistency: Was their deck consistent, meaning that they can get the cards they need consistently, or is it based on pure luck-of-the-draw, meaning they rely on the "Heart of the Cards" in order to win a duel?

  • Knowledge: Did the applicant know how their deck worked, or did they just hope that they could put together a decent combo without knowing the card effects (i.e. Did they have to wait to read their own cards effects before putting them into use?).

  • Control of the Duel: Were they able to keep control of the duel? Were they able to put you into a position where you couldn't escape, or had to sacrifice something in order to do so? Were they able to predict your moves and adjust accordingly?

  • Result of the Match: How many times during the 2/3 match did the applicant win against the tester? (+10 points for each victory)

  • Overall Performance: This is when you give personal opinion to the tester to give their own opinion on how the applicant performed during the duel. This is when you put the applicant's dorm placement into the tester's hands. You trust them to make a correct and sound judgment, so that the applicant gets place in the correct dorm, fairly, and justifiably.

  • Result: Add up all of the scores within every previous category, add them up, and see where the applicant ends up. (0-75 places you in Destructive Yellow, 76-100 places the in Deadly Green, and 101-120 places them in Chaotic Purple)

6. In this mock battle, I'm assuming that I will take the place of the tester and my opponent will take the place of the applicant, and that I will judge the "applicant's" performance in the match and judge them accordingly. (I await mock duel vigorously!)

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2 Re: Tester Application on Mon Oct 05, 2015 8:10 pm

Application accepted waiting for other founder verification

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3 Re: Tester Application on Mon Oct 05, 2015 8:21 pm

Accepted need 1 more

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4 Re: Tester Application on Mon Oct 05, 2015 10:35 pm

Approved and welcome to the staff team!!!
Topic Locked

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