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Deck Basics! Beginner part 1 Lesson 1: Deck basics

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Deadly Green Teacher
Deck Basics:

1. Each deck must contain a minimum of 40 cards with no limit to the number of cards. The more cards in a deck, however, the harder it is to draw the card you might need at a particular time.

    a. Cards are divided into Monsters (effect, normal, fusion, ritual, XYZ, Pend, SS), Traps (counter, continuous, normal), and Spells (normal, quick play, continuous, equip, field).

    b. You want to try to keep the ratio of cards in your deck close to 1 monster: 1 spell or trap

    c. There are certain cards that are considered staple cards and will be found in most players decks

        1. For Traditional Format:  Monster Reborn ( even though now banned ), Raigeki, Change of Heart, Imperial Order etc.

        2. For Advanced Format:  Sakaretsu Armor, Snatch Steal, Graceful Charity, Smashing Ground etc.

(note: the different staples for different formats varies depending on the restricted lists that are currently active. These lists are updated and/or changed every 6 months.)

    d. You are allowed to have 15 additional cards in a side deck that you can change in between duels.

    e. Cards may or may not be sleeved and the types of sleeves allowed depends on where you play. It is recommended that you have some type of sleeves to protect the cards.  All deck sleeves must match so that the cards are not considered marked. (Fusion and side deck sleeves do not have to match the main deck sleeves)

    f.  You are also allowed to have a fusion deck, which can have as many cards as you like in it.

2. Each card in the deck is limited to only 3 copies, with the exceptions of restricted, limited and semi-limited cards. Be sure to ask when you play about restricted cards.

3. Most decks have a theme or a structure, a planned way to win.  The theme of your deck is important because it will guide the building of your deck using cards that support the theme. For example, if you want a direct damage deck you would want to choose cards that will inflict direct damage to your opponent.  There are many possibilities and combinations to explore, and adding your own personal touch can make the difference in a deck. One of the neat things about deck building is that you can change it whenever you like.

4. There are several ways to win in the Yugioh trading card game. Most duels are 2 out 3 matches.

     a. Bringing your opponent's life points to 0 is a game win.

     b. Decking your opponent (your opponent has no cards left to draw when it is their turn) is also a game win.

    c. Bringing your lifepoints and your opponent's lifepoints to 0 at the same time results in a draw.

    d.  Instant wins are also possible using the effects of the cards such as Exodia or Last Turn. ( unless you are testing someone, then that is a automatic Yellow)

That is lesson 1 of this to be continued.

Test to be turned in on Aug-1 or 2, 2015

Test questions:1) How many cards are you limited to if  its a copy?
2)Name all monster types and trap types
3) What is the minimum number of cards you can have
4) When someone is tested, if the Exodia deck is used, what would a tester do?

Extra Credit!!! Arrow Arrow Like a Star @ heaven What are the other kinds of card decks that could be made a student a Automatic Yellow? Like a Star @ heaven

I expect to find the best answers and as of this being my first post, correct anything you see wrong to make me better. Good luck students! Smile

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1. 3 is the limit of copy
2. monster types effect, normal, fusion, ritual, xyz, pend, ss, trap types continuous, counter, normal.
3. 60 main, 15 extra, 15 side
4. stop the duel and refer them to the rubric
EXTRA CREDIT. the decks that will place someone in yellow are mill, stall, burn, FTK, OTK, and meta.

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1. Each card is limited to 3 copies total, unless the ban/limit list states otherwise.
2. Monster types are normal, effect, ritual, fusion, synchro, xyz, and pendulums. Traps are normal, counter, and continuous.
3. The minimum number of cards allowed is 40 cards in your main deck.
4. Depending on the circumstances, the tester could either point out the error and allow the testee another chance with a different deck, or it will lead to automatic placement in yellow with a score of 0.

Extra credt: Mill, Stall, Burn, Alternative win, intentional FTK/OTK decks, and meta decks.

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1. Limit Card Copy is 3
2. Monster types effect, normal, fusion, ritual, xyz, pend, ss, trap types continuous, and counter
3. The Main Deck limit is allowed up to 60 cards, Side Deck Limit is 15 cards, and the Extra Deck Limit is up to 15 cards.
4. The Tester will immediately stop the duel, and send the testee a rubric of the rules.
Mill, Stall, Burn, Alt. Win, FTK and OTK, and lastly Meta decks. WhatWhat

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1. Copy Limit is 3
2. Monster- normal, effect, synchro, xyz, fusion, ritual Trap- normal, continuous, counter
3. The minimum is Main-40
4.Tester will stop the duel and allow the applicant to read the rubric

Extra. Burn, Mill, FTK, OTK, Meta, Stall, Alternative Win (Looks at exodia)

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1. 3 is the limit
2. Monster- normal, effect, ritual, fusion, synchro, xyz, pendulum
Traps- normal, counter, continuous
3. 40 is the minimum
4. The tester will stop the duel and show them the rubric
Extra Credit
Burn, mill, otk, ftk, stall, meta, alternative win

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